San Diego Kitchen Renovations-
An Exceptional Value

Our process for kitchen renovations starts with the heart and most important aspect of the kitchen: the kitchen cabinets. If you are going to invest in a kitchen remodel, then it is very important to make sure you are getting well-built, durable cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets are built by  local cabinet builders, and are designed and built to maximize your available space. Some of the features include solid ¾ plywood with maple veneer bases (instead of particle board, used by several stock cabinet manufactures), biscuit inserted hardwood shelf fronts, and biscuit joinery construction (instead of plastic corner bracing). Once the cabinet bases are built, the supplier we use for the drawer and door fronts has hundreds of styles and stains to choose from. We want to make sure our clients get what they want out of their kitchen renovations.

Our goal when remodeling kitchens is our clients’ long-term happiness. It's important to us that you get what you want, at a good price. If you are considering a kitchen renovation  kitchen design magazines and websites like Houzz are good places to start for design ideas, it is also good to make a list of new features that are important to you. We also have a Certified Interior Designer if you would like help in that area. Some of the kitchens we have done have come in at the same cost or below prefabricated cabinets built with far lower standards than we use. That is why our kitchen remodels are an exceptional value!

Custom Kitchen Remodeling in La Mesa and San Diego - Questions and Answers

Wanting to make sure you get the amazing kitchen remodel you want, we’re providing answers to commonly-asked kitchen remodeling questions. Please note: Custom kitchen cabinets provide a more effective use of your space, giving you more cabinet space for your dollar...Along with a personalized, custom look! Whether you like the look of maple, cherry, or oak kitchen cabinets, or prefer a custom-color, laminate, or veneer, our locally-crafted cabinets provide high quality and exceptional value.

Why would buying kitchen cabinet doors from a custom cabinetmaker be a better alternative to purchasing from a home center?

Buying cabinet doors from a home center limits your kitchen remodeling project’s results due to the smaller selection of styles. Using a custom cabinet manufacturer gives you hundreds of cabinet door styles to choose from, and the option to create any design you dream of. You won’t have to compromise to find a door style that fits your decor. 

The cabinet doors can be made in any wood species, veneer, laminate, or Deco-form color.

Your custom kitchen remodel will also use the available space more efficiently because the kitchen cabinet boxes will be custom made to fit instead of stock sizes used by almost all big home centers.  This means more space in many kitchens.

Why Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets a Better Deal than Stock or Prefab Cabinetry

Stock cabinets and Prefab cabinets are manufactured using a limited set of dimensions and are meant to be used in many generic kitchen styles. The problem occurs when stock or pre-fab kitchen cabinets are installed: very often there is dead space.  The cabinet dimensions usually won’t fit your exact kitchen layout. Fillers are often used to cover up any areas where there is dead space.

Kitchens often lose one square foot or more of available kitchen cabinet space because of dead space and fillers.

Custom kitchen cabinetry provides the maximum use of your project’s cabinet space.

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