Remodeling Materials


Natural Stone Countertops (Granite)

Granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops. It is truly a beautiful choice that is often the crowning touch of a remodeling project. This stone defines elegance and contributes to the beauty of a remodel. Granite is very hard and very durable and is able to hold up to heat, is hard to scratch chip and nick and has a very large selection of colors to choose from. Granite makes a beautiful countertop choice but this porous stone requires periodic sealing to reduce the chance of stains. We like to call granite "the jewel of the earth" it is a igneous rock that consists of the minerals quarts and feldspar and is a building component that was once only used in very high end applications but now because of modern mining and transportation can be an affordable remodeling material option.

Engineered Stone Countertops (Silestone, Caesar Stone & more)

Engineered stone is composed of quartz particles and resembles natural stone. It offers the elegance of stone without the cost. This stone offers an array of colors and has a nonporous surface that resists stains and scratches. It's easy to maintain, without the annual sealing required by natural stone. Select engineered stones do not absorb bacteria. Engineered stone is a composite material comprising rock and resin. It is used primarily for kitchen countertops. Related materials include geopolymers and cast stone. Unlike terrazzo, the material is factory made in slabs, cut and polished by fabricators, and assembled at the worksite.

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